LnT Caption Contest Voting

  • I hereby retract my vote from Vangy, and vote for myself... since we are doing that...

  • Senior Server Admin

    the reason why i said vote for yourself is because some of you may, some of you may not...and im not going through the server back-end to find out who cheated!!

  • Eatin aint cheatin

  • I don't care if they vote for themselves. I just go into contests assuming people vote for themselves. Losing is losing and winning is winning. Nice guys/gals finish last. Do whatever it takes to get the edge!

  • I say we give everyone who participated a key... Oprah that shizz

  • @Biniak And everyone who voted... :)

  • @MAV Bust out that wallet of yours!

  • Streamers

    go to bed dad you're drunk

    Go away Biniak
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  • Love drunk off your junk..

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