Rainbow Six: Siege and ESL

  • My semester didn't need this... I'm totally down for it though

  • dont think im good enough for it yet.


    @Hoen that's the strangest misspelling of "drunk" I've ever seen. - Lumberjack


  • I don't think I am either, but I'm totally down to give it a shot!

  • Senior Server Admin

    once nuchin comes back Aegis will get the ball rolling.

  • I miss @nuchin :( (Sorry off topic, but I needed to express my feelings somewhere ;))

  • @borari I'll be setting up a squad if you want in!

  • Streamers

    I'm in.

    My STAR CITIZEN referral number is: STAR-SD4X-2ZF9


  • Yeah, I am in as well! I'm all set up on ESL just hit me with a team join link when it's up!

  • Generals

    Glad I was not forgotten but lots of the new folks will have never met me! Ha ha. If you guys wish to create a squad , please post in the squad forum to have it created.

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