-LnT- Squads Rules / Guidelines

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    This is the Leave No Trace rules / guidelines for Squads. The purpose of -LnT- Squads is to properly allow members the ability to create competitive teams from among the -LnT- community. These rules/guidelines will be updated as necessary for clarification as questions arise.

    1. A new category for Squads w/sub categories for 'Looking for Squad', 'Aegis', 'Shield Team 6', etc.

    2. Members looking for a squad can post in 'Looking for Squad' explaining what game(s) they are interested in

    3. You may be a primary member on 1 team only, but a sub on multiple teams PER GAME. (ie. primary in MAVs CSGO and nuchins R6 but a sub in R6 Shield Team Six.)

    4. Competitive slots will always go to a primary squad member first, then to subs.

    5. If a person(s) wishes to form a Squad, we will create a group for that user(s). They then will be the moderator for that team and can accept/deny people for that squad.

    6. You may only accept LnT members into your Squad.

    7. Each squad must abide by the -LnT- ROC (Rules of Conduct), if the captain of the squad wishes to add rules for their team, they may do so as long as it does not contradict any -LnT- rules or ideals. (any questionable rules should be run by a general prior to implementing)

    8. A squad can setup its own practice schedule, enter their desired ranked websites for competitive play.

    9. All team names must be approved by the deemed Squad moderator. TBD.

    10. All Squads MUST be named in the following convention on appropriate websites (ESL, Game Battles, etc): LnT| Squad Name. (ie LnT| Shield Team Six)

    11. All Squad groups on the forum will be named in the following convention: |Game| Squad name (ie. |R6| Shield Team Six or |CSGO| My Awesome Squad

    12. TeamSpeak channels: For the time being, use temporary sub-channels inside the respective game.

    13. Squad size can be max game players + 20% or 40% for alternates depending on the game size (ie. 32 man game +20 %, 12 or less man game + 40% for alts)

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