Rocket League random mini 2v2 Tournament 1/24/16

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    0_1453694901362_teams 1 24 16.png
    ganibatt was replaced with ongrind

    Round Robin went to Panda/ Angel who killed it! Following close behind was Ripper/ OnGrind
    0_1453694975848_rocket league tournement 1 24 16.png

    It might no look like it however, Denay/ Church gave Panda/ Angel hell! Close game. The last match of the tournament was Panda/ Angel vs Hookey/ Draykaz best of 3.
    0_1453695114721_final stage.png

    Good games all around we look forward to doing more random team member tournament next time....

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    evil post up your video of the last 2 games to this or so

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    Go away Biniak
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  • Had a lot of fun! Hope to do it again soon.

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