Alright, so I am trolling the market threads in Sal's

  • They all need 80 assault and 80 strengh too handle,but only 80 defense for defense. (Please inform me if im missing any). Im accepting individuals pixel/drawing creations of them to make the suggestion better. All of these have particular attacks I haven't thought of yet. They are produced from the best stones,pure gold metal and magic wood. Then theres the scrolls, everytime YOU BEAT A CHAMPION you get this as a reward. They are scrolls with a picture of the monster on it. In your ahcheivements area on your home you can get a winners scroll rack to place them.

    Alright, so I am trolling the market threads in Sal's and at tipit (I just use them for the market, do not call me a traitor!) And I see that this great deal on some thing. Fabulous, I will just jump on RS, include the seller, and coordinate to produce the deal, right? The thread was posted and the seller has gone to bed.

    Soooo, under the present system, many deals that we find about the forums and accept there rarely ever occur due to conflicting times and such. How many times has this happened to youpersonally? My idea is simple: a'Trade Mailbox' tab, added into your bank. How it would work is similar to this. Say I want to buy 1k deaths from'imnotanoob32' for 300k. I would add'imnotanoob32' to my friendlist. Then I'd place 300k in my trade mailbox, and add'imnotanoob32' to my commerce box (explained later). I'd also put what I wanted (1k deaths) into his box.

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