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    I'm not so sure what happens when your in the last room. I think its just like any other room but It has a good deal more XP in the loot which makes it worth while. Greatest Stragagy: Your timed 5 minutes as soon as you enter the first room. I'd search all the doors to enter the next untill you attained the next to last room you can enter. Make sure to watch your own time! Then when you think you have sufficient time to search all of the Loot in the room do so. Searching the Urns is your fastest XP you can get. Additionally the tombs have the loot but people like to seek those for the very rare to find employees that's in the tombs. I'm not so sure just how much is your staf, but I asume it's really pricy.

    I plan to change this to complete Rune, then leave the rest. In addition, I plan to get 43 prayer for the protect prayers. If I got to that do you believe I could survie longer then 10 secs down with them shooting at me like they did. If not what do you indicate. Also how many cannon balls should I take down in a time. 5k? 10k? Also do they possess any drops? Also Ill add that while my cannon fires I intend to use a Dragon longsword to fight. Are there some Potions I need to bring along? I use lobsters whom I catch/cook myself so ya... Thx in advance.

    Magic will be good for you. Following is a few strategies for the bosses. Damis-He can drain your prayer so bring a reasonable amount of prayer potions. I'd say about 10-15 full ones and a few sharks just in case you slide prayer. Bring a dds, poison him in his very first form and then switch to ground spells because that's what he is weak against. For the first form he won't drain prayer, simply beg melee and mage him. Karil-He's feeble to fire spells. He could drain your stats bring a superb restore and a few prayer potions for if you need to kill the trolls at the beginning. Pray mage and wear melee armor. He can freeze you. Fareed-The weakest of these, wear ice gloves so you are able to weild a weapon. Pray melee and use water charms. Dessous-Kinda tough, he hits really quickly. Pray melee and use wrought protective armor. His ranged attack is sending bats at you hitting on two fives. Bring a couple of prayer bubbles and baskets. Just stay out of the melee range. I forget how to do this because typically when you trap him he teleports in front of you. Trap him either on the corner of the fence or over the opposite side of the fence.

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