New Logo on Website

  • What is the timing for when we are going to put the new LnT Logo on the webpage?

    Saw we found a winner, Congrats again @FellLucifer!, so are we going to be using that logo on the webpage or does it have another purpose.

  • Sorry, have been behind on working on the logo. I will get around to polishing it this weekend! I also don't know if the purpose of the competition was to adopt it everywhere, so the @Generals are going to have to chime in on that.

  • Generals

    It might be used in another area. Our logo. Like McDonald has the M. We have that red target.

  • Senior Server Admin

    so basically out logo is our logo, these other logos may be used in promotions, announcements, videos...etc... we're not looking to rebrand...just keep an eye out on other peoples ideas.

  • Generals

    What the other generals said above. ^^

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