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    So Friday night I bought a 1994 Kawasaki Ninja 250R, ordered parts Saturday (they are arriving starting this week lasting through next month) and started working on it today. Tank had a lot of bondo from the previous owner trying to give the tank a more rounded/fluid design. Bike has a broken timing chain from a snapped rocker arm that wedged itself in the cam lobe and a small fuel leak. Found the leak, working on fixing it. Previous owner also made a fiberglass "bubble butt" to replace the back seat. Anyway here is what I have done so far to the bike.

    Parts ordered:

    New Head
    Timing Chain
    Complete Gasket Kit
    Instrument Cluster
    Tail Lights


    I will post more when its had more done to it and when its finished. After I get it running (Im basically tearing down and rebuilding the motor) Im going to make a new back piece thats squared off and flat on the top and paint the back and tank an olive-green color.

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