A quick collection of 5760x1080 screenshots from a few games.

  • @Treadstone

    Honestly if you have a video card that supports it (and a table wide enough) the monitors themselves aren't all that expensive if you can settle for consumer-grade hardware. My side panels are fairly ordinary 60hz Acer panels that I got for about $150 a piece.

  • -LnT-

    @lettersnumbers Heh, stuck with a GTX 1060 6GB. Would consider an upgrade when prices fall back further down to earth, and not cost nearly a grand for a 1080 or 1080Ti.

    Just gotta wait on Ampere.

  • @Treadstone

    Yeah I hear ya. Glad I picked up my 1070 when I did.

  • Senior Server Admin

    i love that resolution, but recording with it is a pita

  • @MAV

    Recording or streaming? I ended up using OBS to trim the stream down to 2880 because otherwise nobody on a regular monitor is going to want to watch it.

  • @lettersnumbers the bend is as real as the motion sickness


    @Hoen that's the strangest misspelling of "drunk" I've ever seen. - Lumberjack


  • Senior Server Admin

    @lettersnumbers either - i would like to sync up with someone tonight with good OBS / Avermedia experience to get this shit setup - usually used shadowplay but recently its been unreliable

  • -LnT-

    @MAV I have a little bit of OBS Studio experience, what exactly is it youre trying to get done with it?

  • @sisno100

    In ATS yeah. I think I could probably tweak it out with enough time fiddling the camera settings but the game isn't designed to support three monitors natively and the camera editor is literally a text file with horrendous instructions.

    Most other games render just fine except for cockpit view in GTA which has no FOV adjustment.

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