Letters (struggles) to build a button box

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    Yeah I know the buttons are crooked. I did it all free-hand with a cordless drill. I'm waiting for some rotary encoders to come and once I drill the holes for those I'm going to wrap the face in vinyl and freerunner is going to help me wire it to an arduino pro micro.

    I mainly made it for American Truck Sim (hence the push-pull switches for air brakes) but I can use it for anything (Spintires, Project Cars, etc).

    I took inspiration from this video.

  • Well I got my last knobs, drilled the holes, and (badly) applied some leftover carbon fiber vinyl and mounted all the switches.


    Now to wire it and build a box for it.

    BTW, now that it's all together I'm thinking I'll end up building another one in the future with higher quality buttons and a little more forethought.

  • Crooked buttons or not that is Dope af. I always wanted to make one of these for when I play Ats/Ets. Never enough buttons on the Wheel and i hate reaching for the keyboard. Very well done dude!

  • @PòóF

    Thanks, man. People who've never played with a wheel don't understand the purpose of a button box.

    Now to source some legit air brake knobs...

  • -LnT-

  • @MrMushroom

    Thanks for the tip. I found a place online that has the haldex ones but I'm hoping to find a local place so I don't have to pay shipping.

  • @lettersnumbers

    How much have you spent on this Button box so far? Kinda looking to Make one for Ats/Eta and Dirty rally

  • @PòóF

    Around about 75 bucks. Already have a bunch of tools and stuff so it was mostly the buttons and switches. It's worth noting that most of the buttons come in packs of ten so I have enough leftover to make another one if I wanted to.

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