So you want to get better at Siege...

  • The only videos you need to learn how not to play the game is at

    But honestly some good videos to learn how to play the game and what to do/not to do.

    First up I'd suggest yo boy roy (eden mentioned him) I've been watching his inside the mind of a diamond player
    and Honestly I feel like it has some great tips

    1. I've been watching this guy named Get Flanked recently because of his "The Pro and the Potato" videos where he chats
      with pro league players about different aspects of the game and tbh it's not to bad. He also has a couple Operator basic videos along with little tips and Trick videos.

    2. Coconut Brah Gaming. This Guy has a crazy obssestion with uploading Pro league tips and tricks along with normal tips and not
      so High level Gameplay.

    3. as much as i don't like the guy because he is a Quebecer(hehe) , Serenity 17 has some decent videos about how to improve your skills
      especially the one about Sound whoring so you can learn which way the sound is actually coming from. He also has Nice Tips on how to Peek and teaches you what the Peekers Advantage is and how to use it to your advantage.

    4. I feel if i don't add him Dix will be butt hurt.. Macy jay. Just kidding. Macy is an all around good guy and is very good and Siege. Has a few great videos that might help you improve.

    5. one of the other ways I learn to play the game is I watched an UNHEALTHY amount of pro league. These guys are pros for a reason
      and you can watch how they play and see what they do and Why they do it.

    So there are plenty of videos and channels to choose from if you really want to get better at the game i suggest you take a look at
    some of these channels if not all. You can learn some neat tips and tricks and try to apply them to your game play but you have to remember that just because you watched a few videos doesn't mean that you are gonna instantly become a better player. This game has a stupid steep learning curve and is not like most FPS, the round changes every second and you have to adjust for it. you can go in with a sweet game plan and 1 spawn peek throws you all off and next thing you know you have 30 secs and it's time to rush in.

    Another suggestion I want to make is if you don't know the maps... Learn them, Here is a link ( for all the maps birds eye view layouts.knowing where you are going and how to get their is important.

    I could go on about small tips and tricks to help you improve the game. Check these Youtube channels out and learn. I am by no means the best player or a diamond player but I am always looking to improve my game play and these are just some of the Channels that I have found to help me out. Just remember siege is gonna chew you up and spit you out for a good amount of time until you learn or are willing to take that extra step to speed up the learning process. Don't get discouraged and give up.

    Requested by @Hookey6

    Enjoy boys if you want to see more let me know I can dig deeper. Also don't be shy or hesitant to play with the better players on discord they may get salty and upset but they will teach you things... Look passed the anger :D

    edit because im on 2 hours of sleep and words can be hard to spell... I'm not well spoken but i did the best I was

    Edit 2 a VERY good/Detailed post about barrel attachments. Give it a good read.

    Sensitivity guide

    Pro's Settings if you're curious (some of it could be outdated)

    Edit 3
    Alright boys, I'm not sure if a lot of you new players know this but it's handy to know and very useful. Most of us know that most times when you 2 hit a barricade you get the prompt to vault. well you can get the Vault prompt from only 1 hit. The number of hits on a barricade doesn't decide whether or not you can vault through it's the amount of Board you have destroyed. In the Clip I'll link shows you where to hit to get the 1 Hit Vault. I suggest you go into a custom game a mess around with it because it can be very annoying to get the hang off.. I still have trouble with it. You can also get a 1 hit vault on the right side of the door but it is a lot more finicky than the left

    if you want a better view of you're target here it is

    I'll Throw more on here as I remember. I've done a ton of Googling and researching for r6 and I got bookmarks all over the place

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