Rainbow 6 Mid Season Reinforcements

  • -LnT-

  • Honestly it's all pretty good.

    That being said, this is the calmest mid season yet. No drastic rework of an op this time around.


    I'm the guy that will be in a 1v5 clutch scenario and fall off the roof and die.


  • -LnT-

    they're fixing capitao to be stronger, weakening ash a tiny bit, and fixing all those bugs that shitters use to ruin the game for everyone else. I'm pretty happy with the changes.

  • Twitch's shock drone is a little too much of a nerf IMO. 10 charges would have been fine.

  • FIXED – Zofia's LMG-E should have 150 bullets instead of 151.


  • Rainbow 6 Players

    Think the updates are all good, I mean ela still needs a 25-31 Mag size and they need to take away the sens change with her mines. The ash 'nerf' is non-effecting unless you can't hit people or you are trying to snipe someone's toe. Twitch was a good nerf it wasn't OP before but the fact that you didn't need 30 shocks over all and now 10 in fine; people also forget about the buffs for her drone in the past and if you buy the elite skin you become a god. Bandit's barb wire change wasn't needed however it makes his C4 more pickable as before no one would pick C4 because 'why' but now it's more equal.

    Overall great patches however would agree with @MajorMoron with that there were no big meta changes as in the past we have had stuff like impacts, glaz changes, monty changes.

  • I was a little annoyed about Twitch but I mean it will be nice not to be harassed by the drone and Means maybe they wont take as many cams out during Prep phase because 10 darts.. We'll see.

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