My CPU cooler died

  • Until I can source a replacement I won't have a computer. It looks to be under warranty but I'll have to wait while I send it back.

  • I have a stock Intel cooler with your name on it ;)

  • -LnT-

    I have 2 Intel coolers if you need one (processors came with them but I bought an aftermarket one to use)

  • I appreciate it, guys, but I'll probably stop at best buy tonight and pick up a cheap one.

  • Evo 212 Pro is probably the best cheap cooler.

  • @EvilPanda

    Thanks for the tip, I'll see what they have

  • Senior Server Admin

    I have a spare Corsair close loop i think its the H80...

  • At least it's just the CPU cooler and not your GPU like mine. :(

  • @MAV

    Mine is a corsair H100, it's under warranty since they do a five-year on all their hydro systems.

    For now I disabled the mrs' computer and stole the stock intel cooler. Hopefully freerunner will come out this weekend with a spare cooler so we can have them both up and running for the sunday event.

  • @Mr-Wonderful

    Did your GPU asplode?

    I use the corsair link program to keep an eye on my temps, and I have it set up to shut down if anything "goes critical".

  • Member Relations NCO


    No, it just pooped out. My temps are never an issue.

  • -LnT-

    Temps arent an issue for me at all, the system runs so cool that the GPU fans never turn on unless I turn them on because the temperature stays low, but 3 case fans Im sure helps and the cpu cooler is a brand Ive never used but so far its been good. I never trust stock cpu coolers in general, Ive found they tend to be made cheaper than aftermarket coolers and fail faster. That being said I still have 2 Intel cpu coolers (CPU's are LGA1151 socket) if anyone ever needs one

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