Boo Discord! Back to TS!

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    Discord has been good. The population growth on R6 has been great. Back on teamspeak, people were saying LnT is dead, which it kinda was on TS. There would only be like 10 ppl on it.

    Just imagine if there was proper recruitment for destiny 2, PUBG, and GTA (where did that go?), the discord will be booming.

    Plus... for some reason, there are no more mic spammers anymore?

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    Discord has been excellent. The two complaints I have are:

    less modding tools for people like myself, that have been members for a while but do not hold any official position within the hierarchy of LNT

    the inability to move people

    But I think Discord is 110% the better move to aid in the continued growth and survival of LNT as a gaming community. Discord has breathed new life into Siege, which was the game that got me to join in the first place- and while Siege itself is kinda messy and bad atm, the people playing make the rage inducing gameplay worthwhile.

    I love the messaging system. I don't personally use the app, but as others mentioned, I think it is super useful if you use to stay connected when you step away from your PC.

    The chatrooms allow me to keep up with current events and helps me share in everyone's gaming successes and failures, even if I wasn't actually there. If I ever have a particularly bad week, I can just hop on and spend 15 minutes reading through the chats and stay up to date.

    All in all, Discord was for sure the right move, and although i think this post was originally just a joke, I wanna reiterate that I never wanna return to TS.

  • @Zeus said in Boo Discord! Back to TS!:

    OK everyone is perhaps taking this too seriously -- Discord went down worldwide while @Cloud and @Sprabuni and I were in a game.

    I feel like the switch has greatly increased the number of people, especially newcomers, and I have seen a lot of them become regulars in Siege at least.


    I second this.

    That said the new DLC/season did coincide with our moving to discord - loosely at least.

    But I do think that discord is somehow more welcoming or, leads to more.... conversions?..... if thats the right word.

    I feel like the newer guys we've had on Siege feel more welcome than ever and as such have stuck around more and are continuing to energize the small community.

  • @MajorMoron said in Boo Discord! Back to TS!:

    @EvilPanda I'm not sure where you get this idea from. R6 has been more alive than it has been in a while now, and for the first time in a long time we have people applying again.

    And to everyone else, I realise some of you prefer TS, I really do, but you have to try to think about what is going to be good for your community. You should want new people to come through and play with. Most of the people you know here are here because we welcome new members. I know it will take time to get used to, but outside of ranks I really am missing the difference y'all are seeing.

    Agree 100%

  • @Arctic_Nights said in Boo Discord! Back to TS!:

    I love being able to open an app and see who is on. I enjoy being able to contact the community even if I am away from my computer. Sure, we have the site and the forums, but with Discord... LnT is feeling like a community again.

    Yes 1000%. The app is an underrated feature of Discord I use it ALLLLL the time.

    Not great for my career at work but its great for constantly interacting with the folks here at LNT. I definitely feel more apart of the group now than I ever have.

  • Senior Server Admin

    Hey guys - so im a big teamspeak advocate...ive been one for a long time... there are pros and cons for both platforms... but the biggest pro for discord is the younger (ages 16-20) gaming community, which makes up most the gaming community use discord over TS. Some even refuse to DL TS3. So we made the move at a bit of a 'force of the hand' but its turned out to be pretty good...though i still like TS more...

    That being said, we WILL have at least 32 man ts server up for at least 2 more years as I've prepaid for the dedicated box for that much longer... we will look into getting another NFP license which will boost our license count... just give me time to work with @nuchin to get the details sorted...

    Make no mistake though, Discord is our primary voice platform for the foreseeable future, but your welcome to use which ever you like once we have TS back up.

  • @MAV no concern that, that might splinter the community - even if only a little?

    I mean it makes sense if it's already prepaid I guess.

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    I mean the idea is that people can play where they want.. as long as we know where to find the folks who play on ts are if i want to play with them and vice versa... my thoughts are if we dont offer a TS3 option some members might leave which we dont want... so if i need to join ts to play with one group of folks and discord for another...its literately just an extra click of the mouse...

  • I'm not going to leave because of that, just prefer TS lol.

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