Free PvP DLC for Ghost Recon!

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    You guys ready for some tactical Ghost Recon PvP action TOMORROW? New PvP DLC tomorrow + predator coop mission!

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    makes me consider buying the game. Lemme know how the play is

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    Hey Salt,

    So far I have been loving this game's PvP. If it weren't for this game, I would have returned to Rainbow Six. I bought this game solely for the PvP (the beta sold me back in september). The game package includes PvE single camaign or multiplayer coop as well, so it is a worthwhile package. It typically goes on sale for $30 which is a great deal. There is 5 hour free trial on uplay only as well to try it out. (If you do buy it, I would buy it on steam, as patches on steam are like 4-5 gb whereas uplay/XBOX/PS4 are 12 GBs) PvP DLC is free like R6 with operators and maps.

    I mostly play PvP, but @KyuuuN and I have been doing coop as well and its been fun. Lots of freedom and diversity in the open world.

    The PvP is focused on stealth and shooting, whether sneaking up on ppl in the woods or behind cover in the town's buildings. If you have ever played Metal gear solid 3 snake eater and remember hiding in bushes and ambushing the enemy, this is the multiplayer version of that. There are ways to counter ppl hiding and camping in bushes, with the recon tower objective that highlights all your enemies if you can access it. You got aerial drones and aerial mortars to flush them out. In fact, this game reminds me of PUBG's endgame, with just 2 teams left.

    I would describe this game's PvP as: Ghost recon PvP= Rainbow Six outdoors - all of the annoyances

    When I mean Rainbow six outdoors, i mean it takes place in outside maps, like villages surrounded by forest and wooded areas. It still requires teamwork, communications for callouts like R6. But the thing that I disliked about R6 was that it required TOO much teamwork and coordination. In this game, it's more relaxed, and you can still wing the teamwork and coordination and still win. Just communicate and give callouts.

    There is really no issue with peakers dvantage, watching for all the traps (frost, gu mines, cotton candy). The frustration/ annoyance level is low if you got a good group of ppl to team up with. No mandatory classes like thermite, thatcher, hibana. You can pretty roll with whatever class you want and still viable for the team.

    It also makes a unique game mechanic with revive. In R6, once your dead, your dead. Here In PvP, if you make a mistake and get shot and get incapacitated, you can get revived many times, just as long as the enemy doesn't catch you doing it, so you have to be stealthy and sneaky. It's not as punishing. if you can sneak your way to teamates' bodies and revive, you can turn a 1v4 completely around and win. This is the best use of revive i've seen in a PvP. 2 days ago, I was down 1v4, i thought i was going to lose the round, my teamates thougt it was over. But Bill F'n Scoldberg doesn't go out that easily. I eliminated 3 guys, became a 1v1, then I revived 2 of my teamates close by and we came back to win. The tide change is so rivetting and exhilirating

    So if you're looking for something tactical and teamwork like R6 but without all the hassle and annoyances, give this game a try.

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    @Bill-Scoldberg I guess my question would then be, what's the tick rate / hit reg like? Because Siege doesn't seem to be getting any better.

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    Hey @SaltMines , the game is actually on peer 2 peer, but don't let that scare you. I barely feel any issues of hit ditection or lag. I dont know why, but this game feels better than R6 even though that has been on dedicated servers. With the high level ppl I have been playing with, ppl barely complain about hit detection or lag. I don't know why it feels good here, but it just does. Yesterday, i outsniped a sniper with an SMG and my teamate was like "WHOA." I was pleasantly suprised.

    Also new players may jump in the game and think man this game is slow or no action, they feel a need to run out into the open and get shot. At the beginning, new players have to take it slow and tactical to stay alive, but as you get bettrer and with higher level teamates , you pick up the pace of battle where you can Ash rush the enemy team to fight over the highground or the middle of the map's objective. Last night, my team was goign against another team rushing eachother in the middle, gun fights were intense in the dead of night, with lightning and rain just pouring over us, both sides were reviving back and forth. it was a game of cat and mouse. It came down to 1v1, and my teamates ping/ call out allowed me to see him and get the final kill for the win. This was intense! Never had this kind of feeling in an online shooter before.

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