Permissions etc in discord

  • How do ranks work in discord?

    Also how does one use text chat in discord? I see the main server chat in the middle of the screen but I don't know how to open channel chat.

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    text told me I had to be connected at least 10 minutes to use it

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    Chats arent tied to voice channels like on teamspeak, theyre dedicated channels. Each game category has its own chat channel dedicated at the moment. Also, the chat channels take up the right hand large pane, and voice is only on the left.

    Also, the chat pane is independent of your voice thing. you can switch between any chat on any server without leaving your current voice channel.

    @MrMushroom Yeah, we have that as a security feature to ward off trolls.

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    also - you must message an admin or general on the forums and we'll get you set up with permissions.

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    Hey mav

    You got any of them


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    letters bud. you already have em!

    Edit: Should be fixed now

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