American Truck Sim: New Mexico is released

  • I wish I had some cool screen shots of New Mexico to share but unfortunately I spent all my time driving there and trying to make money:

    I also ordered a Logitech G920 wheel and shifter so I'm super stoked to try that out in ATS. Anybody have any experience mapping the shifter? How did you set up the ratio switch for an 18-speed and what did you do for reverse?

    Also does anyone have any tips for graphics settings? I have a 7th gen i5, 16gb of ram, and a 1070. I run a 1920x1080 widescreen monitor. I have all my in-game settings turned up but my game looks pixelated as fuck. Somebody suggested turning up the scaling to 300%, but I don't know. I turned mine down from 125% to 100% and it almost seemed to smooth things out a little.

  • Scaling above 200% seems like a waste of resources. Just bump up the anti aliasing.

  • I used two buttons on the wheel of my G27. One button to enable the shifting for 7-12 and the other to move to 13-18. Just used the stock push down and into 6th for reverse.

  • -LnT-

    just use Nvidia GeForce experience and it will optimize the graphics for you, although some things that mine optimized (specifically Andromeda) it wanted to scale the graphics down but I turned them back up in game and it ran fine

  • @EvilPanda

    Which reverse, though? Did you map R2 or something and just stuck with that?

    And there's no function for advancing the anti-aliasing. MPAA is either on or off and that's it.

  • Apparently if you use the Eaton-fuller shift setup you shift the truck just like a real 18-speed which... took a bit to figure out.

    There are two ratio switches, basically. And they can be used in conjunction to give you four sets of ratios. So you end up with 1-8 low and 1-8 high. It is hugely confusing at first because the same position on the gearshift can give you four different speeds depending where the ratio toggles are.

  • @lettersnumbers The shifter for the G920/G29/G27 has a reverse slot. You push down on the stick and while holding it down you slide it into 6th, it is now in reverse.

  • @EvilPanda

    Yeah I know but the trucks have up to four reverse speeds. I ended up figuring it out using the Eaton-Fuller pattern as described above.

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  • @UnSafeHairBall

    Pft, that guy doesn't even have the real Eaton shifter.

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