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  • Hi all, how is everybody doing?
    It's been a year since I've last been on GTA, been through a big moving process along with me getting stuck into different games. I'm wondering, is the GTA channel still packed with people willing to grind the Pac Standard heist? I, like many, would like to invest in ostentation cars but haven't got two pennies to rub together.

    Oh also, are there any new best ways to make money? Missed many dlcs.



  • @rcm2002

    Some people will still run pacs here and there but it's not constant like it used to be.

    The bulk of us are making money with the new free-roam businesses rather than missions and/or heists. For instance, if you have some startup cash a bunker is a good money maker (once fully upgraded of course) and you barely have to do anything with it other than buy supplies and sell the product every few hours.

    But a fully upgraded bunker will set you back roughly 4 million gta bucks.

  • another good (and potentially cheaper) option is a CEO office coupled with a vehicle warehouse (part of import/export dlc). With that you do free roam missions to steal cars then turn around and sell them for profit. The whole thing costs around 2-3mil to set up.

  • Thanks for the info, but I haven't got two pennies to rub together, and I remember spending preposterous amounts of time filling up warehouses with crates, will the lads be willing to help grind a couple of pacs out just to get me going again?

  • Oh also, are there more people on discord or teamspeak?

  • @rcm2002

    I know that @Wooot has been itching to run pacs the last few days so if you see him on the teamspeak be sure to give him a shout.

    I only use teamspeak so I can't speak to the population in discord.

  • -LnT-

    I am always interested in doing pac, as long as there are no randoms involved.

  • @Wooot Thanks guys, will join when I have the time! Roughly how much is a full vehicle warehouse gonna get me?

  • Issue is guys, I've always taken the money, sat back and then drove the kuruma. I never went out and did the run, so if we are gonna do pac someone else has to do the shooting xD

  • -LnT-

    there is a trick to the car warehouse, you never actually fill it completely but selling a high end car if you spend the 40k to mod it first brings in 100k per car, minus repair costs for whatever damage you cause delivering it. Car collections sell for less or more depending on the collection than just selling the individual cars but you need at least 4 people driving for the good one

  • @rcm2002

    A vehicle warehouse doesn't work the same as a crate warehouse. With a vehicle warehouse you go and steal actual cars one at a time and then sell them for a profit (75k profit per high end car). It's a great way to make money solo or with friends.

  • Ok, will be on this weekend, hopefully I can drum up some interest

  • Roughly what time is the busiest on LNT?

  • @rcm2002

    It ebbs and flows, honestly. Weekends are typically busier on teamspeak but one saturday there might be nobody on and the next saturday there might be twelve people on.

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