Florida Child Support System

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    Totally sucks ass.

    First, after 5 years Im finally getting my first child support program, says I get payments by check

    Now, they say they are required to send all payments electronically so I try to set up direct deposit

    cant set up direct deposit because my ex wife has it set up so.....

    they are supposed to send me a check

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    Moral of the story, dont have kids... at least not in Florida

  • I'm sort of confused here. I'm pretty sure you're supposed to open an account with child support and they're supposed to to direct deposit the money into said account after directly taking the money from your ex.

    This is supposed to cut down of wait times as well as being more accurate on how much you're supposed to be getting.

    Did something change the last few years?

  • Sounds like typical bureaucracy.

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    @Mr-Wonderful no, I got custody 4 years ago, before then I was paying her, she set up direct deposit so now I am not able to even though she is now paying me

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    @MrMushroom So just because she had direct deposit you can no longer get it?

    That doesn't make sense. Are they outright refusing to give you direct deposit or is it something else entirely?

    If they're refusing you I'd contact an attorney and see what they could do for you.

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    The system they use wont allow me to register for direct deposit since she had registered previously, so their system shows her as the custodial parent when in all actuality I am the custodial parent. Its just they way Florida seems to work, fix a problem with one department but they dont update the information with the rest of their organization. Just like they said (last december when they finally put her on child support) that I still owed for the past 5 years bringing the total of what I owe over $10,000 because even though I informed them of the change of placement for my daughter, they cant get the court records to prove it because it is handled by the division of the courts that handles minors..... but child support court is in the same division. Gave them the requested paperwork in February, it went nowhere. So last time I was in court (last month as they held my ex wife in contempt for not paying) I brought the issue up to the judge and the child support lawyers, even handed the requested paperwork to the lawyers in person and was told they cant take care of it then but they would rework the child support order and have another court date for that to straighten it out.

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