Dead by Daylight

  • -LnT-

    Does anyone still play this. Just picked it up on the humble bundle for 10 dollars.

  • -LnT-

    I play it off and on, usually a shit ton around events and new content (210 hours).

    I think its a great game and is the best out there in its genre (asymmetrical multiplayer) but starting the game out as a new player can be pretty rough until you learn and get better at playing so my best advice for anyone new is to just stick with it and not get too pissed.

  • Generals

    I picked it up also. Haven't installed yet, but could be convinced.

    I know @MAV used to play it a lot. Maybe when he gets back from honeymoonin he'd join us too.

  • -LnT-

    Yea me and @MAV used to play it waaaaay too much. We still hop on occasionally

  • Senior Server Admin

    I played it a bunch recently before i left for 2 weeks....really fun game, i still enjoy it...also matchmaking is fixed which is nice also the new killers are freaky.

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