• Decided to try some Motorsport photography, your thoughts?
    (ive only been doing photography for a few months, just an fyi)
    there are three different folders, they all have more photos inside them, and the GTS ones are my favorite

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    photos look really good, you obviously have a great camera to get stills like that without any blurring on the cars. Not really sure what youre looking for as in criticism but they look good

  • I actually use an entry level nikon, and the lens that came with it (kit lens)

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    They are still really good quality photos. My digital camera is a vivitar whatever the hell model it is and it takes piss poor photos, and my good camera is a miranda with multiple lens attachments but its been having issues, doesnt have a flash, and its becoming more and more difficult to get 35mm film for it

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    Overall they look pretty good! If anything, some look a little underexposed, but it's generally better to underexpose than overexpose (to an extent). I'd say the hardest part is just finding the balance between your settings, which can become even more difficult if you're taking photos over a longer period of time seen as the lighting can start to change. With all that said, these are still really good if you're only a few months in!

  • @Kenny.Andrade thanks, i was shooting at around 1/200th of second (probably too slow, but i like to have the super blury backgrounds, but it is more difficult to get the cars clear) and around f11 for aperture. And some of the photos are really under exposed because i wanted to get the back fire coming out, those are also shot at around 1/2000th of a second, so way faster, just to get as much detail as possible. Thanks for the input

  • @MrMushroom I have a nikon d3400, and the kit 70-300mm. My main issue is that i dont have any kind of stabilization lenses. My next investment is going to be a sigma 150-400 with the stabilization. I took around 800 pictures yesterday, and those are all the ones that weren't blury / i thought were good enough.

  • Looks pretty good man! They are underexposed though. Also I would run with a more flat profile to capture a higher dynamic range and grab more information.

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    The first Image of the two cars it appears the cars are out of focus while the road and grass are in focus, to me as a layman, it isn't as appealing as the photos with the cars in focus.

    Edit: there are a few where the guard rails are in focus rather than the cars as well. I don't know if there is a way to avoid that, but if there is, that'd be my criticism

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