Anyone playing Secret World Legends?

  • If you are, look me up.
    in game AA88

    If you are not, you should be!
    If you have never heard of it, it is an MMORPG based on the works of HP Lovecraft.
    The story lines are great. The combat is easy. The questing is way more interesting than the WOW go here, kill 5 of these, bring me these... Well, monstly they are anyway,. There are still filler side quests that do that. It is NOT a pay to win. It IS FREE TO PLAY. You can purchase boosts that help you advance but not make you stronger. You can purchase vanity/clothing items.
    I played the original for 3 years. They redesigned it and renamed it and i am loving the game again. Try it if you like MMORPG's at all.

    Hope to see you in game!

  • -LnT-

    i bought it before it was free to play but havent really played it

  • @UnSafeHairBall Same here


    @Hoen that's the strangest misspelling of "drunk" I've ever seen. - Lumberjack


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