A COD game worth buying?

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    Its bringing a new call of duty to the market.

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    I can't wait for the Neon gun DLC in the next installment of Cock of Doodie

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    I've been playing Call of Duty ever since WaW(World at War) and i have to say it is very refreshing to see call of duty going back to its roots. I grew up on call of duty and after black ops 1 the franchise has started to go down. Knowing that Activision is trying to revive its franchise is a very nice and promising thing to see. I feel that people are brainwash by the recent call of duty's and that this put negative thoughts into there mind. There recent games have had Over priced DLC'S, supply drops and ridiculous camo's which may have taken the better of them. When you throw something new like this into peoples minds you begin to start speculating that avtivision is going to milk it like there other call of duty's. Although i dont know what they are going to do i have hope that it wont be like the others.

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    I haven't felt positive about a COD game in a long time, but I could see myself buying the game just to play through the campaign. I'll be keeping an eye out to see what else the campaign and multiplayer offers. As long as they stick to realism, or close to it, I'd gladly pick it up.

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  • I've only played modern warefare 3 on PC as far as COD goes on PC. Roommates have had previous editions on console where i think it thrives. Most of the time, for me, it depends what else is out. If i need an FPS to hold my attention for a month or so they're good quality games. Generally after a few months, i refuse to buy anymore DLC and the hacks start emerging with increased frequency. If destiny 2 is good and overwatch is still a thing i think i may pass all together.

  • Well, Call of Duty is a game that most of us had waited for to play. I had only played Call of Duty: WWII and yes, it is worth buying I had observed that there are many changes which includes from flinch to weapon balancing and some small tweaks are also designed which had made this game better, and my other friends are also going to Call of Duty World War 2 kaufen game which will definitely give them a standalone gaming experience.

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    Define "new".

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