Looking to buy a new Laptop/Convertible.

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    Hey guys,

    I'm looking to buy a new laptop/tablet convertible to surf the web and casually game on. I'm thinking about waiting until the Samsung Galaxy Book comes out because I'm interested in the 12 inch. I really like how its so thin and tablet like. What do you guys suggest I should get? I know some of you are going to say a surface but i've searched online and a used one is 1000+(CAD). Looking to spend max 600 but willing to spend a little more if its convincing enough.

  • Game on a thin cheap laptop? Like Hearthstone and Minecraft?

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    yeah little games like Enter The Gungeon, Broforce, Don't Starve.

  • Check the review for galaxy book before you purchase it.

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    ended up picking up a used Dell venue 11 Pro for less than 100 CAD. Its now my little Youtube/Netflix machine.

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    I was going to suggest looking on newegg.ca for something refurbished, Ive bought two different laptops on newegg.com (because Im not Canadian and while their Canadian site is usually cheaper they wont ship to the USA) that were under $600USD that worked extremely well

  • Who is this john and why the hell did he post once just to revive this old ass thread lmfao.


    I'm the guy that will be in a 1v5 clutch scenario and fall off the roof and die.


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    who cares, he put his two cents in :) ... welcome @johnweib

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