Is it possible to distinguish between the types of mentions in notifications on the server side?

  • -LnT-

    Being quite new, I've seen a few "PERSON has mentioned you in a post!" notifications only to find that it's an @ to a group I'm a part of. My delusions of newfound popularity were immediately dashed on the rocks.

    Would it at all be possible to tweak things so the notification would say "PERSON has mentioned a group you belong to!" for those situations so you can distinguish when people are mentioning groups and actually @ mentioning you specifically?

  • Generals

    @RobertNAdams that's actually an idea I had never thought of before (see? a real mention there ;)). @nuchin would have to speak to the feasibility of such a thing.

    I can say though that we are trying to reduce the usage of the @allmembers tag so that notifications mean a little more.

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    Correct, what lumber said. We are evaluating the already reduced usage of @ groups that reach to a mass amount.

    That being said, anything is possible to tweak but I have never looked into the notifications copy before.

  • Streamers

    I think the best solution would be to put people in a gaming group. So instead pinging @ LnT-Members each time for something people would notify for something they have an interest in. What you think?

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  • Generals

    @Vangy this has come up before, and we did start with a @ GTAV group, but the problem is many many people here, including yourself, play multiple games. You'd have to be responsible for managing your own subscriptions to games, and at that point you might as well just manage your subscriptions to the individual forum sections like Biniak has mentioned before. It's a lot of work for not enough payoff.

    Lastly, and I'll say this again, the primary item that people dislike being group tagged for is the reddit area. The point of this area is to bring awareness to everyone, not individual game communities. Having game groups would not fix that problem.

    So the idea is appreciated, but would only work if we had separation between player bases, which we just don't.

  • Senior Server Admin

    putting eveyone into separate groups would have too much overhead...i think restricting the use of the distribution lists should suffice in this instance.

  • -LnT-

    I have to say, if anything was going on in GTA I'd probably hear about it on the Teamspeak. I'm on here, but not super often. I'm on the TS much more.

  • Generals

    @RobertNAdams we'd love to find a way to make that more often ;)

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