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    We're excited to announce that LnT now has a Discord chat server! Due to the success of the shoutbox we have expanded to multiple chatrooms, including one for each of our major games. One of the biggest benefits of Discord is its mobile chat functionality, which allows us to build upon our forums for better member connectivity. Please note that we are using it for text chat only, and our TeamSpeak server remains our main method of voice chat.

    To get connected, follow the link to our server here. Follow the prompts to set up a free Discord user account in seconds. You can use the browser edition or download the PC and mobile apps to connect. Please, if this is your first time on discord, try to keep your name consistent between the forums and Discord.

    @Hoen and @TheLumberjack will be heading up admin duties for the server. If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas to improve the server please feel free to let us know.

    There is an LnT only channel, so to get your Discord member tag please send @Hoen or @TheLumberjack a message on the forums here with your Discord name. This method allows us to quickly validate that you are an LnT member.

    This is yet another way for us to keep in touch as a community, and we're excited to keep improving our ability to do so. Hope to see you all in the server soon!

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