Discord Kicking/Banning Guidelines

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    So because of the confusion on when to warn and when to ban, I hope this post clears some things up.

    When to ban immediately:
    This is basically when we take immediate action and forgo the due process of the TS banning procedure and ban NOW

    • Social Engineers - When someone is in TS trying to Socially Engineer a member for permissions, info on our TS/servers, whatever with the intent to do harm to our community
    • MusicBots/Trolls - Mic spamming, making noises, trolling without the intent of playing a game and with the intent to annoy others.
    • Poachers/Recruiters - When someone in our TS is recruiting pubbers/members to join other TS servers...their intent will never be to come hang out with us...they would rather us come play with them...because of this we need to ban them immediately to ensure they don't come back later when an admin isn't on (which is rare since all LnT has Temp banning priv)
    • Hacking - WE ARE NOT A COMMUNITY OF HACKERS. That being said, we do not tolerate it and will ban "confirmed" hackers on site. Must have IRREFUTABLE evidence before taking action, whether its screenshot of a confession or concrete video.

    When to Follow Warn/Kick/Ban
    This is the idea of when to follow the LnT disciplinary due process. Note: bans don't always need to be permanent. Sometime people need 1-2 hours or a night to cool off, in these cases it up to the discretion of the admin to make the call on the duration of the ban (if you want perm and can only do 2 hours, reach out to a Moderator: 3 or higher to change to perm.)

    • Annoying - someone is having an off night, they are drunk, being an asshole, whatever, but is playing games and initial intent was to play games...not to make other peoples experience suck.
    • Racist/Bigotry - We are an adult community... occasional slip ups happen, thats why they are warned first. If it becomes a habit or is used often and offends other members/pubbers...action needs to be taken...give a kick to let them know your not messing around...then ban for a duration fit for the crime if they don't get the picture. (again up to admin discretion)
    • Other Reasons - There are many reasons why someone may not be pleasant to play with, luckily smell isn't a factor... but anyhow, if the gamer is here to game and is breaking our rules, they must be deal with via the proper channels.

    members if you have questions post it in:

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