The Divison Raffle (Uplay)

  • Hello @LnT-Members ! I've been talking w/ the @Leaders about how to contribute to the community and I know that having the website and maintaining the TeamSpeak VOIP costs money.

    I recently received an extra copy of The Division which I decided to raffle off since I already own this game! I figured this would provide both a method of contribution for the community and a great way for members to help out!

    If you'd like to participate, use this link:


    • Each donation of $2.00 USD will receive one entry "ticket" into the raffle.

    • The raffle will be open for approximately 1 week (starting 07/21/2016); the winner will be announced at 6pm EST (07/28/2016).

    • You may purchase as many tickets as you'd like.

    • By using PayPal and purchasing a ticket(s), you agree that you are the sole owner of the account and/or have permission to use the funds in order to purchase said ticket(s). Additionally, you agree not to charge back your purchase should you not win the raffle.

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