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    Help support LnT's operational costs by having your own private channel in TeamSpeak! By becoming a TeamSpeak supporter you'll receive the following:

    • A password-protected channel in our TeamSpeak server that you control.
    • Amount of support determines the max number of clients allowed in your channel.
    • That feel good feeling of giving back to our cause!

    Channel admin power for Supporter.
    It only give a few things:

    • The ability only to create passwords only on the one channel that you donated for.
    • The ability to change password at any time you wish.
    • You are able to give the password to anyone you wish.

    What it does not give you:

    • You will not be able to give out channel admin to others.

    What does the money go to?

    • The operations cost of running our website, teamspeak, and other projects that cost money to start up later down the road.

    Where to donate?
    Either look for the shopping cart image at the top of the website or link below

    After donating how long would it take to get my locked channel?
    *it should take less than 24 hours.
    *if issues come up contact @Biniak, @hookey6, @MAV, or @nuchin.

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