To Local Time

  • Could there be a feature that would take a time format and add the local time behind it? It would take something like "9pm GMT" and add " (5 pm EST)" to the end depending on the time zone. This way we can quickly recognize times we might be unfamiliar with.

  • Generals

    I'm not quite what you mean, are you looking for the timezone that is not your own?

    If you're looking for the exact time a post was made, you can mouseover the 'about x hours ago' and it shows the exact time in your timezone (PST for me at least)

  • @nuchin I meant inside of posts. So if I made a post that had "The event will start at 8pm EST" it would add the time local to the viewer after it.

  • Generals

    Oh that would require some effort that I don't feel I have the bandwidth to handle. I believe the most of us all have our brains converting timezones to our local timezone. =)

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