Passwords Not Working

  • Every week or so this site makes me log back in. That's fine. But then my password doesn't work... so every single time I have to reset. And every single time I set it to the exact same password. Then, it only seems to work if I log back with the tab that opens after resetting. Weird.

  • user error. It does that to me sometimes too when I use autofill

  • @Biniak
    I do NOT use autofill lol

  • -LnT-

    Site issues and feedback section Cough Cough

    Usually happens to me after I sign into the website from a different device.

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    I do not have this issue. i might have to re-log in however my password never changes.

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    Your session token expires every so often (or when you log into the site with a new device your old session token expires and is replaced with the new token)... I can say I've nver had the issue with the PW not working...

  • @EvilPanda Had this same issue a few days ago. had to refresh a few times before I could login

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    Odd little hiccup

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    If you've logged in on another browser and try to navigate on your original, it prompts you because your session was probably killed. Sometimes it prompts you for a login to try to redirect you. Sometimes that doesn't work, I found. Just reload the login page itself and it should work just fine.

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