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  • First of all, I want to thank the @Leaders and admins for what you have created and formed at LnT. I really appreciate that you trust basic members with the ability to temp-ban trolls, create our own rooms, and set our own avatar on teamspeak. I have always had a great time on LnT and for the first time I felt compelled to join a clan without anyone asking. I have met great people here who share the same interest as I do, trying to perform the best we can in game and have fun doing it. I believe this mentality of mine also extends to what I interact with around me. So while I might already love what LnT is, if I see something that I think could make it better, I will advocate for it.
    I have been a part of project awesome (PA) for several months now. They are a reddit group that uses teamspeak to play similar to how we use the forum and teamspeak respectively. However, for casual discussion most PA members uses the text channels available on discord. The result is a very active set of conversations that many members participate in and contribute to since the application is well designed, free and available on mobile and desktop operating systems. I believe that the discord has significantly added to the experience for PA members and believe it can do the same for LnT. Here is their discord URL so you can see how it works for PA, but I ask that LnT members observe only and do not try to leach:

  • Not a fan of discord. Plus it doesn't give you the features and controls we use regularly in ts

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    If I read your description correctly @Rafael09ED it sounds like PA uses the message board functions of Discord and the voice chat functions of Teamspeak. What I'm not clear on is if they also have a forum board.

    I've heard multiple people recommend Discord over Teamspeak for all our functions, and talking with hookey for a bit it sounds like the amount of infrastructure we build in with ranks and selective permissions is something Discord just can't do (yet). This doesn't sound like it's what you're recommending though.

    What it sounds like you're recommending is Discord's text chat function, kind of like an open chat box that serves as a super-casual general discussion forum. While I'm not opposed to more ways to communicate, I'm worried about adding a third place to check for LnT information. If we were to implement it then it would have to be with a clear understanding that the forums are for anything official, and there would only be certain people that use it.

    I welcome the discussion though. @Hoen, you're a hipster; what do you think about this newfangled techmology?

  • @AkiKiba I don't want it to replace teamspeak at all, I think we could use the text chat rooms to add to the discussions on the forums and in teamspeak.

  • @TheLumberjack Yes, I am suggesting that we use the voice function of teamspeak and the text feature of discord. PA has had success with using reddit as the location of where they key their more official and persistent information (which could be considered as their forum), using discord as a casual chat area and their teamspeak for taking in game. I think that the forum should still be open for members to create topics since any discussion can get easily lost with more recent ones. Normally the chat sections are slow changing and what exactly is discussed in there changes frequently.

  • I really hate discord and how it is set up. I have used it many times for personal use and for a group Alpha test. It gets too cluttered and set up is rather strange. TS is just better set up and better designed for what we have going right now.


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    I don't think he means it as a replacement for TS, but as a chat vehicle if people wanted it. I'm just not sure if it's needed with the website + teamspeak combo that LnT already runs. What difference would it make besides making posts? Is it more of a simple chat function?

  • @FusionSaint Yes, discord is more of a place where there are several chat rooms each on a separate topic. It is not suitable for replacing neither the forms or the teamspeak since the rooms play out like a focused group chat.

  • I personally love discord. And I'd use it if it were to have the functionality that you're suggesting. I don't know that we need it in LnT but I'm not opposed to the idea of exploration.

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    What I am seeing you guys just want a simple chat board?

    Might be able to do that in our forums

  • @hookey6 The reason I like discord is because it has an app for my phone and l desktop, it has many in-chat features like editing messages, notification settings, viewing chat history, link previews, custom chat room topics and member/server group pinging, and because I already use discord to chat on the PA, official ARMA 3, r/fallout, r/rainbow6 and r/overwatch discord servers. Even if LnT decided not to get a discord server, I would still recommend for people to install it.

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    I will put a ticket into the LNT think tank and we will talk about it. We will get back to you with our thoughts.

  • Any update on the Think Tank's considerations? If it is possible, I would like to show them what I am envisioning.

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    click on it to make it take up full page.

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    I see they use it more like a quick click forums. with some areas like general and IT and games they play.

    Side note, on a small scare community group yea this would have been a cheap way of doing things. However, with more than 160k page views a month, 150 post per day, 700 users, It just would not work well on a large scale. Sometimes structure is something that is needed for large groups that are still growing at a high rate. If we had maybe 20 people it would have been a cheap viable thing. However, We had to separate Teamspeak from our forums because of traffic on both at the same time was killing ether forums speed or Teamspeak clarity. Also, the amount of bandwidth we take up in a month is over 250gb just in Teamspeak. So running it from home might be hard if we did do it.

    Also, setting up two separate forums would be chaos to run and to keep track of information. that is just my stance on it.

    however, the group felt that maybe a shotbox could be close enough to what you wanted.

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    We're thinking no on discord...we don't want to divide the community...but we like the shoutbox idea and have implemented it.

  • @hookey6 @MAV Thanks for adding the shoutbox. I don't think we are at a complete meeting of the minds but I think I understand the reasoning of your choice and ultimately agree with it. Thanks for the discussion as well.

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    @Rafael09ED We thank you for you input... we always welcome ideas from our community..thats what helps us grow...we're not perfect and others ideas many times are better then ours...If Nuchin, myself and hook ran LnT exactly how we wanted it an without any outside input, this place would be much different... @LnT-Members ideas and suggestions are what helped us form this community...and i wouldnt trade it for anything!!!

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    I think it wouldn't wise to use discord, because then not everyone is on the same page and thus split. Agreed MAV

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