-LnT- Squad TS3 Rules and Guidelines

  • Generals

    Good news to those who have a competitive squad. We have created an area in our teamspeak just for you.

    The location of your squad channel is now located below Members Area, down by the AFK


    • One squad channel on request (24 hours to put up)
    • pre request set limitation on max users. (24 hours to put up)
    • Join power is set to 1. This will stop all guest from joining it.
    • Only allowed for Scrims, ESL matches and meetings. Other uses will not be tolerated.
    • Guest will not be able to poke you during games.
      This will allow your squad the extra peace of mind while playing competitive matches for ESL and so on.

    other notes:

    • No pubbers or guests allowed in those channels. If pubbers are seen your channel it will be removed only warning.
    • If you are practicing or looking for a potential new squad member use another channel for that.

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