-LnT- Idol 2!!!

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    -LnT- Idol 2!!!

    In celebration of this awesome community...-LnT- Leaders would like to re-open the -LnT- Idol for submissions. This contest will be open to the public and existing members... The rules are simple... Pick your favorite song, start the recorder, and sing it for us...(video not required but certainly a plus!!!)

    There are some stipulations:

    1. You must state your name (gaming handle is fine), the name of the song, and mention the -LnT- Idol contest at the beginning of the recording..
    2. All entries must be in by 5/20 @ Midnight EST. (Voting will start immediately after - winner will be announced on the 23rd @ Midnight EST) Submit here: http://lntgamers.com/category/73/lnt-idol-entries
    3. There must be a minimum of 7 entries for 1st/2nd place prizes to be awarded.
    4. You must be registered on the Website to submit the entry
    5. You gotta have fun!!!

    1st Place Prize - OVERWATCH (other games available is already owned)
    2nd Place Prize - Rainbow 6: Siege (if already owned - Season Pass - If already owned similarly priced game of choice)
    3rd Place Prize - $10 in game content for the game of your choosing
    4/5th Place Prize - Rainbow 6: Siege Gold gun Skin

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