CYO channels ts3 layout change coming

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    There will be a few.

  • @hookey6 Awesome, thought you were getting rid of all channels entirely besides CYO haha

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    No main channels will stay. Alpha bravo max. If rank we will have a few for that.

    Kinda like what rocket league and Ark look like.

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    We can always set a time till temp channels get deleted, in case you leave it by accident. If a game starts to build up a crowd, folks wont have to create those channels if people are coming and going.

    Ones that fizzle will clean up after themselves.

  • +1 on changes and +1 on Nuchins idea!

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    UPDATE: @LnT-Members

    now you will be able to not only create sub-channels in CYO but you can now move people into your new sub channel..

    members can move members but not officers and higher
    officers can move officers and members.

    pubbers sorry you will not be able to move people
    guest.. sorry you will not be able to move people

  • Motion to move Ark to the bottom of the list..Kappa

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    seen that it has its own server, and is doing very strong.. It looks like it is staying at the number 2 spot for now.

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    still funny salt

  • -LnT-

    @SaltMines motion squashed by the overlord

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