Pop-up comment/ reply window blocking entire page

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    Often when writing, commenting, or replying to a post the window that appears blocks the entire screen and the arrow in the upper left doesn't work as intended. Toggling it does nothing atm for me. My only workaround currently is to close the tab and revisit the site.0_1460091461554_Untitled.png
    Currently very frustrating as I cannot navigate anywhere on the site while making posts and pressing discard simply opens the discard dialog box behind the foreground, making it unable to be clicked on. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Not had that one yet, but I do have a similar issue on my android tablet. Basically the post and cancel buttons hide behind the bar at the top, and scrolling does not move them, leading to me not being able to post.

  • -LnT-

    @Danger-Noodle site's got some issues man!

  • @Danger-Noodle @Space-Dandy Having the same issues these guys are doing it. Thanks Dandy for bringing it up, was just about to post about it later this week! Paging @nuchin

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    I have that issue on mobile but never on the web

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    Click and drag the arrow up/down.

    it'll move up and down on the desktop.

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    @nuchin Where did you learn such advanced hacking

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    @Danger-Noodle while on a mobile device and maybe tablet the site turns into responsive mode and the composer is supposed to take over the screen in order to give you the most real estate due to on screen keyboard.

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