Clarification on some rules.

  • @MAV are you coming to the next meet up? @Hoen @lilblondeguy666 myself and @Nastydirt will be there. We can bust out the gloves and throw hands if you're feeling bold big boy ;)

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    lol...first off y'all live like 30minutes from like 10 hour probs not...but id bring my gloves and bottle of scotch

  • I mean.. you live closer to us than @FellLucifer... yet i still see pictures of you givin him a handy!

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    to be fair...i was going to cali anyway...meeting up was an added bonus

  • Streamers

    @Biniak I guess I'll be there, thanks for signin me up cunt.

  • I'm an introvert, people talking at me and trying to keep a conversation flowing with me, just makes me feel uncomfortable. I'd much rather just listen to the room. Just don't think I'm being rude, I really don't have anything to say, when I do I just get awkward anyway 😕

  • -LnT-

    @Muzzah I feel the same way sometimes, bro. I'm not very good at initiating conversation with new people, but once I'm comfortable with people I talk to frequently, I feel less awkward :) I'm very glad to say that everyone I've come across on the LnT teamspeak has been super cool. it's nice to know I can play games with very chill dudes and not feel like an outcast.

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    @BelievingIsArt thats our philosophy

  • @BelievingIsArt that is very true, I have not felt like an outsider here since I started here.

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