Clarification on some rules.

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    Just had a couple quick questions about forum rules and TS rules.

    • I don't curse much, but I do sometimes and I was wondering if that is okay in both forum posts and on TS. I will never curse at someone as an insult in a serious manner though.

    • I sometimes like to smoke a little weed and play various games, I'm just not sure how the community feels about that and I don't want to offend anyone by hopping into a lobby with them while high.

    • Not really a question, but sometimes after I've smoked I will just ramble on, don't be afraid to tell me to shut up please. If you don't stop me I will talk a lot.


  • It's more of a "Golden Rule" type thing. Treat others the way you want to be treated and whatnot. Also, what I find offensive, others may laugh at. Generally speaking, just try not to be bothersome, and conversely if someone is being bothersome or offensive to you, talk to them and hash it out like adults. If it is still a problem then find an officer or NCO and they can help you sort it out.

    For example
    You call me a cunt
    I dont mind being called a cunt
    we continue to play and have fun
    You call me a cunt
    I say.. dont call me a cunt
    You stop calling me a cunt
    we continue to play and have fun

    The bottom line is, we all joined this community to play video games with like-minded people. Video games are meant to be fun. They are meant to be a release from the stressors of our normal lives. You most likely do not like having that release impeded upon, so don't impede on someone else's.

  • +1 @Biniak. I curse and I smoke weed which everyone knows, but I don't let that affect the way I treat people. As long as you're not ruining other people's gaming experiences you are good bro!

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    You call Biniak a cunt
    Biniak calls you a cunt
    Don't be surprised that somebody called you a cunt in this scenario

    Go away Biniak
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    1. Cursing is fine, but if someone in the channel takes offense, just respect them...also, please try to keep bigotry out off the cursing (no room for racists here)

    2. puff puff pass...i dont smoke but a lot of members do...just light up and have a good time

    3. i dont care if you ramble...sometimes high/drunkin fools are hilarious...just know your crowd and if someone asks tyo be quiet for a second then be courteous ...

    Our rules are fairly simple...dont start shit and your fine....

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    @MAV Thanks, while I am from the south I am not a racist. As for my rambling, I can read a room. If people are laughing and responding to what I'm saying I know it's alright, but when people go silent I know it's time for me to shut up.


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    never afraid to tell someone to shutup....i make @Biniak my bitch daily

  • @MAV are you coming to the next meet up? @Hoen @lilblondeguy666 myself and @Nastydirt will be there. We can bust out the gloves and throw hands if you're feeling bold big boy ;)

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    lol...first off y'all live like 30minutes from like 10 hour probs not...but id bring my gloves and bottle of scotch

  • I mean.. you live closer to us than @FellLucifer... yet i still see pictures of you givin him a handy!

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    to be fair...i was going to cali anyway...meeting up was an added bonus

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    @Biniak I guess I'll be there, thanks for signin me up cunt.

  • I'm an introvert, people talking at me and trying to keep a conversation flowing with me, just makes me feel uncomfortable. I'd much rather just listen to the room. Just don't think I'm being rude, I really don't have anything to say, when I do I just get awkward anyway 😕

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    @Muzzah I feel the same way sometimes, bro. I'm not very good at initiating conversation with new people, but once I'm comfortable with people I talk to frequently, I feel less awkward :) I'm very glad to say that everyone I've come across on the LnT teamspeak has been super cool. it's nice to know I can play games with very chill dudes and not feel like an outcast.

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    @BelievingIsArt thats our philosophy

  • @BelievingIsArt that is very true, I have not felt like an outsider here since I started here.

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