New Player Here! Haven't gotten application approved, it's been a few days.

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    Hey everyone, I applied under the gaming handle dragonzero39 about a week ago, excited for the division and to play with LnT group. Haven't heard back on that application though. Maybe this forum location is inappropriate for this post, if so I apologize, but I'm curious to the possibility of my application getting lost in the world wide web. If anyone has anything, I'd be much obliged.

  • To be accepted into LNT membership you need to have at least three members vote on your character with a 60% positive rating but it looks like no one has played with you aside from @FellLucifer. Have you been on our TS within the five days since you have applied for membership? If so please list them here and I can direct them to the correct thread man.


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  • Hey! @dragonzero39 so yeah, we did receive your application. All you gotta do is play with a few of our members for the Division. We have lots playing the game so it shouldn't be too hard. Once they play a few with you, they should post on your application that you are good to go haha. So look forward to seeing you in here!

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    Ahh that makes more sense! My misunderstanding. Thanks for the replies everyone!

  • @dragonzero39 Will hopefully get some games in with you once I level up!

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    @dragonzero39 also, although we would love to have you as a member! there is no pressure to can still come on into ts and squad up without being a member!

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    No, I really do want to join this group, this application process alone shows me that you all create an environment that I'd like to play in I jumped around the TS most of yesterday morning trying to find a group of similar level or who were doing something in game, but most people were on their own.

  • @dragonzero39 I'd be up for a game later on, just hop on TS. Need to get me some levels!

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    hey dragon, If this is devision we are talking about behind your name but LFG (looking for group) lvl5+ or what ever lvl you are.. This does help sometimes esp if you already went into other channels and no one was around your lvl..

    I hope this helps..

    We have 98 applications that have been posted in the last 20 days.. Just to let you know. So, being active and talking with our members in teamspeak does speed up the process of becoming a member.

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    @dragonzero39 then we're equally excited for you to become a member! As for hookeys post...lfg = looking for game...add your level to make it easier for someone with a similar level to spot you

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    Yup, I had the level set, but not LFG. I'll be on tonight, hope to see some of you.

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