-LnT-'s Idol

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    -LnT-'s Idol!!!

    Hello everyone!

    Time to turn up the tunes and practice singing in the shower once again, it's time for the -LnT-'s Idol contest! Its time to sing your hearts out and pit your alluring voice against your fellow -LnT- members to see who has the one voice to rule them all! Rules are as follow:

    • Two Entries per person max
    • Songs must not be discriminate to any specific nationality (keep it tasteful)
    • Any language is allowed as we have a very diverse community we want you to sing at your best!
    • Video editing is encouraged but not necessary
    • NO Audio Tune / Auto Tune
    • If you have written and composed a song of your own feel free too sing it!
    • All songs must start with the following "Hello this is 'Username' and for my First/Second Submission for the -LnT-'s Idol contest I will be singing 'song name by artist name" Then sing your hearts out..

    Everyone will have till the end of March to get an entry in. May the best voice win!

    Prizes will be posted soon. (pubbers ARE welcome to submit entries; however, non -LnT- Members will have a different tier of prizes)

    Good Luck and Let the best voice WIN!!! (All members can win (minus leaders, however i will be submitting an entry!!!)



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