Forum Posting Issue

  • So I posted to a forum post Nuchin had and I immediately jumped into a post to vote for a new member and I got an error message that I had to wait 2 minutes before I could post again because my reputation wasn't high enough. I understand the need for such a rule to prevent public spammers and such.

    Could we change it so that setting isn't needed for a member of LNT or provide instructions on how to improve your reputation.

  • Generals

    we will look into this.. ty for feed back

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    ok .. so reputation is set to 3 till you do not have to worry about this. issues.. So, it required around 4 post before you would not have this issues. I do not see anything about white-listing groups. But, maybe Nuchin can find something.. I changed it to a minimum of 3 rep and you do not have any issues with post time limit for now

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    Reputation is gained by other forum members 'liking' your posts. At this time, there is no 'exclude this group' from that limitation but Hookey has lowered it to only 3 reps and bumped you and I above that.

    You shouldn't be running into this limitation any longer, as long as you don't get downvoted below 3. HAHA!:raised_hands:

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